So today was the start of one of the traveling days, we started with a 6:30am wake up and we were on the road by 8:30. We traveled to a sugar mill and got to learn about the conditions the workers lived in and also learned many other things about the factory. The guy in charge made it seem like the factory was a great place but that was not the case. Even though the conditions are not that bad to a person who may live in worse conditions, for a company that make tons of money they could do way better. This really gave me a chance to see who made the sugar I use and how they were treated.




I was able to see that I should try to use things that were made by Fair Trade companies meaning that the workers were treated fair and worked under good conditions. Later that day we got to travel to a town called Bombita where I got to see poverty up close. When we arrived little kids ran up to the bus banging on the bus asking for money. It was very sad to see this but it was very eye opening and gave me a chance to realize that I want to help make a change in this world and one day I will. We then went to a fish market in the town that was run by 19 females. At the farm they would farm fish and then sell them for money. Seeing this made me feel good and taught me to never give up because even though they were facing hard times. They are not giving up and are trying to better their community. My trip so far has been very fun and eye opening and I have learned that this is just the beginning of me making a change in this world !!!!!