Hello everyone!

Today was a day to get to know each other and the city and it’s history. We learned about culture and safety in the morning, went on a city tour after lunch, and then got to explore the city in small groups before dinner.

I felt like there was a great desire for the students to learn about the city we are staying in, so I was excited for the city tour today. Their enthusiasm for my culture made me feel really happy, and I can’t wait to share the next 14 days with everyone. I was so impressed with the discussion during our nightly reflection, especially when discussing the question of the day. I was proud of how inquisitive all the Glimpsers were today, especially when they were asking questions about the city during our city tour. One thing that surprised me was watching people slide down the pole at the fire station, and I surprised myself by sliding down the pole after watching some Glimpsers do it too!

The two photos attached to this post were taken during the city tour. The top photo is the group at Glorieta, the town park. The bottom picture is the group in front of the fire station after we got a tour inside the station.

We are having a great time, and looking forward to tomorrow.

Best regards and goodnight,