Hola Global Glimpsers “Nica” style!!  Hello and welcome to the 2017 GG Trip Blog!!  My name is Matthew Yale and I will be one of your GG leaders for our upcoming adventure to Nicaragua this July.  I am very excited to be working with you in this really amazing and adventurous opportunity you have been pursuing.  Our trip is almost and essentially right around the corner, and as you begin preparing for this venture, I want to assure you that you have made the right choice to participate in this very unique and invaluable experience ahead this summer.  So whether this will be your first trip abroad, or one that adds to your treasures in global-seeking, know that you will be in good hands while I serve as one of your leaders.  


Let me tell you a little more about me.  I am a California native, but have travelled to so many faraway places over these past years.  While I have spent countless hours in the classroom, serving as a high school teacher in all the social sciences area (I believe World History has been my favorite), where I have found my true heart wandering towards many times is to travel internationally while helping out in communities in other countries, including time spent in Chile and Mexico.  One of the greatest things I have accomplished so far, was to join the U.S. Peace Corps, and where I went off to volunteer in Ecuador.  I spent almost 3 years there, and it was absolutely “life-changing” for me. I learned so many new things while there, and still reminds me of how powerful and important it is to maintain a great sense of wonder and curiosity with the world we live in.  When I came back to the U.S. after serving overseas, I returned to teaching, and am now a Spanish language teacher here in Northern California, and really love teaching the subject, and for me, even though this will be my first time leading a group of younger learners, such as yourselves, I hope to convince you to develop and follow your own sense of wonder, because these will be the moments you will one day reflect on and be so grateful you did this.  

So off to León, Nicaragua, we will come together as a group, ready to learn, explore, have fun, and help another community, and I am just really anxious to share our experiences together, and I hope to learn from you all as well.  So Nicaragua is just gonna rock this July from all you global glimpser rockstars!! Vámonos chicos y chicas!!!



Matthew Yale