Hi Friends and Family!

Today was Immigration Day, were we focused on the culture, history, and politics pertaining to the identities of immigrants living in the Dominican Republic. To take a step deeper in understanding the lives of immigrants, we had the opportunity to hear their stories and not only visit their communities but set foot into their humble homes. We started the day off by learning about the lives of Venezuelan Immigrants and their difficult journey to a now more comfortable life in the DR. They now have easier access to basic necessities like water, food, education, etc. As our Venezuelan partner Mariangel told us her story, she also taught us how to make traditional Venezuelan bracelets. These bracelets had significance to her family because when they first arrived in the DR they sold them in the streets to raise enough money to pay for a lung transplant. After learning about the lives of Venezuelan immigrants, we hopped on the bus to a small Haitian community called Colonia Kennedy. This community is located close to the border of Haiti. Glimpsers broke into smaller groups and had the opportunity  to enter the homes of different community members homes. We had conversations and were able to learn about the story of why and how they came to the DR. We also learned about their daily lives and the struggles they go through including being discriminated against for being Haitian.  The Haitian community of Colonial Kennedy was truly an unforgettable experience and just one of the many  reminders of how fortunate we are to live where we do.

We love and miss you all very much! Thank you for supporting us and helping us take advantage of this opportunity.