Today the Glimpers morning started at 6:00 AM and breakfast started an hour later. After breakfast, we all got on the bus to our base house in Juan Dolio. We were running late so as soon as we got there we at lunch and jumped right back on the bus.

When we got off we were this time at ASCALA home base. ASCALA is an organization dedicated to helping nationless Dominicans retain

citizenship after having it stripped away by a controversial law passed in 2010. We were given a summary of the organization and what a person had to do to become a citizen of the DR.

After we left ASCALA we headed to a local sugar cane field. This is then where we met our guide, Domingo who taught us how to harvest sugar cane and told us how the life of an immigrant sugar cane farmer is. He then demonstrated how one was to cut sugar cane, and then how to peel it. We each were given a piece of sugar cane, where some enjoyed the taste and others didn’t.

After this, we ended up going back to the hotel, where we will be staying for a day in a half, and immediately everyone got ready to head to the pool. They then played of series of games which consisted of volleyball, (zombie) Marco – Polo, and MERMAIDS. Although this day consisted of long bus rides, we to

ok it as a learning experience to have fun. Thinking of the positives over the negatives.

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