We had a great day on politics day, woke up was at 7:15 and so everyone got dressed in their best outfits to go see the mayor, we were in a bit of a hurry but it all worked out,at 8:00 we headed up to the fourth floor to eat breakfast and then head back down stairs at 8:40 to get ready to leave,we ended up having to  wait a bit longer because the mayor was just getting into the city so the time changed  from 8:40 to 9:05. I loved having every  person in the group cooperate with the change of plans it really made being leader of the day easier. We finally got to city hall and went into the mayors office,which by the way was amazing,even though they kept telling us that the mayor was going to be there soon she showed up pretty late but her outfit totally made up for it,bandanna and a cowboy hat. We were able to learn a bit about her and her life,she gave us a bit of her background and where she grew up and explained to us the obstacles she faced when she was running to be mayor and and how being a woman really changed her election. She then invited us to go eat dinner at her house,we were all looking forward for it.We then head out to the museum that was five minutes away to learn about the people who died for writing about the corrupt government. We then headed back to the hotel to finish up our donation letters and figure out were what places the donated items should be sent to. It was great and we finished up pretty fast so then we all headed out for lunch at 1:00.After lunch we came back to the hotel to have a CAP meeting and then we headed out at 3:00 to see our micro finance speaker,it was great and we learnt a lot, headed back to the hotel and got ready for English class,headed out for English class, had dinner at 8:00 and came back at 9:00 for nightly meeting and then got ready for bed. Overall it was a great day, it was a bit hectic but we got through it.