Working towards a great summer with our Partners!

Hello Glimpsers! This is team Bonao sending a personal Bienvenida your way!  We are very excited for your visit to our site in the Dominican Republic this summer, we will be spending a great 16 days together and we can’t wait to have you all here!!

A little bit about us:

Zoe – I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and recently graduated from Kenyon College with a major in Psychology and am interested in spreading humanistic principles on an individual level. I fell in love with the DR right away and eventually found a home-away-from-home here in this amazing country.

Nacelí – I am a project manager and my focus is sustainability and community driven development, I’ve always been very passionate about youth empowerment and finding new ways to inspire young leaders through education. Now through Global Glimpse I want to be able to bring you and the people here in Bonao the gift of opportunity, so you can learn from each other and grow together as members of the global community.

Bonao is a lovely city, full of culture, history and amazing people, we have both learned so much and grown in the process and through this experience, it’s our hope that you learn and grow even more than we did.

Plaza de la Cultura

Don’t forget to double check your packing checklist and bring enough protection for the sun and for mosquitoes (downside of our lovely tropical weather).

See you in a week!

Nacelí & Zoe