Hello Glimpsers, Global Glimpse Leaders, and Parents!

Greetings from Constanza, Dominican Republic!

We are Paola and Francis, your Program Coordinators for this summer!

My name is Francis Garcia I am one of the program coordinators for Constanza this is my 3rd year with the organization and I am very excited to see you here and to show you how beautiful my hometown is. The first time I started working with different cultures was when I finished high school and I became a member of the Global Glimpse ambassadors program, you will know what that is when you come here. The experiences I have shared with the students have changed the way I look at the world, it helped me to see what I wanted to do with my life and that’s why I studied modern languages ​​and tourism at the university. The opportunity to use all my real life experiences is incredible. I have worked with medical missions in Constanza, other NGOs and summer jobs for the Ministry of Tourism, I have worked for all this entities not only to improve my skills but also to do my part for the benefit of my hometown, Constanza. Working with Global Glimpse gives me the opportunity to be able to do exactly that, being part of a program that changes lives and at the same time help the people of Constanza, one community at the time.

I am Paola Nicodemo, the other Program Coordinator in Constanza for Global Glimpse. Every time I have traveled to Canada, I liked staying at youth hostels where I have the chance to share with people of many different cultures and backgrounds. Learning about other cultures and how they are similar and different from mine is a passion for me since they have helped me to have a broadened sense of the world. I  graduated from hospitality and tourism, however, I have been an English as a second language teacher for more than 10 years and have worked very little in my field. Working for Global Glimpse has given me a chance to learn and grow as a professional in a completely new different field for me (social work). Working in communities where you see that you can make a difference by just listening to them and working together to find ways to make this community better is something amazing and moves me to my core.

We are very happy to welcome you to this country. On this trip together we will explore Constanza for 16 days with a focus on learning and FUN! You will discover about the Dominican Republic and especially about Constanza.

You were chosen to be part of this program because you are leaders.  You have the will and the skills to make the most of this experience and we sincerely appreciate your hard work to get here.

We wish you a safe trip to the Dominican Republic and we look forward to getting to know you all, here in Constanza.