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Top Student Travel Stories of the Summer!

Greetings from Global Glimpse alumni, Aileen and Yumei! We’ve returned to GG this summer to intern in the Bay Area office. We have the amazing opportunity to follow along with student reflections on the blog as they share their travel experiences. We’ve enjoyed reading how Glimpsers are learning to expand their knowledge, develop their leadership skills, become global citizens, ... READ MORE

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Education Day

Hello, my name is Diego and I was the leader of the day of August 12. I was also accompanied and had amazing help from Jaden. Today we were able to have such an amazing experience by traveling to the school, Unidad Educativa Intercultural Bilingue Ruminahui. We had an amazing host named German Hinojosa. German gave us the chance of introducing us... READ MORE

Trabajando Como un Ecuatoriano

As the day began, Ricardo and I knew that this would be one of the busiest days so far. We went to Guamote where we had both breakfast and lunch and got to work like a local. In his community, Cumandá El Molino, César functions as a prominent leader. My group and I had great pleasure in assisting Carmen, one of César’s daughters, picking corn. We... READ MORE

Deconstruyendo Pobresa

Que lo que manin, it’s me Ruben, leader of the day. Today was Deconstructing Poverty. Today we had a wake-up time of 7:30 am and we had breakfast at 8:30. Shortly after, we went to the Panamanian dump. The group and I walked through the dump while simultaneously learning about it with our partner and director, Cesar Ramsey. We learned that the... READ MORE

Final Reflection Day!

Hello everyone! My name is Melisa Lavin and I’m the Leader of the Day for our Final Reflection Day. I grew up in Crockett, CA, I currently attend John Swett High School and I am planning to attend San Jose State University to study Urban Development. Honestly, I chose to be the Leader of the Day today because it was the last option left on... READ MORE