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Leadership and Learning: Community Action Project Day 1!

Leadership and Learning: Community Action Project Day 1!

Helloooo!!!!!!!  Aidan and Elizabeth here! The wake-up call today was at 7 am, but we got up at 6:45 am. Actually, Elizabeth got up at 6:00 am. Aidan’s alarm was set for 6:45 pm (Elizabeth had to wake up Aidan) LOL. After organizing the group for breakfast, we left for Martiniano Guerrero Freire School at ... READ MORE

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Cartago History Day!

Hi all! Today was our first day out and about in Costa Rica and we spent it in the old capital, Cartago! Cartago is about an hour away from our home base and the drive is beautiful. We got to see great views of the mountains as the Glimpsers got to know each other better with games and chats on the bus. Once we got to the city we met with our... READ MORE

On our way home!!!

Hello for the last time this summer, dear families and friends. Reporting directly from Quito, Ecuador, we want to let you know that all of our Glimpsers and our two GGLs have successfully passed through airport security and are currently waiting to board the plane and safely fly back home. We made sure they drank enough water and ate enough food... READ MORE

Conservation and Environmental Justice

Hello, Global Glimpse friends and family, Today was our final day at the base house and we focused on learning about Conservation & Environmental Justice. To start our day we woke everyone up at 7:00 am on the dot and then enjoyed some French toast with eggs and fruit for breakfast at 8:00. During breakfast we discussed the three questions... READ MORE

Day 9 – Community Day

Holaaaa from Constanza! We are your Leaders of the Day, Anais and Surailenny. We had an early wake-up call at 6 am. We then headed out to Canada de las Palma, and we split up into groups and had great conversations, chores, and dance lessons from host families. We learned a lot about their lifestyles and the challenges they face in their... READ MORE