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The Power of Minga, Community Gathering, in Ecuador

Glimpsers and members of the Guaranda community proudly unveil their newly painted school that truly reflects the vibrancy of Ecuadorian culture. In partnership with local organizations and leaders, students gained a stronger sense of social responsibility and are equipped to better understand the complexities of service projects in a developing country. ... READ MORE

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Hi, everyone! I’m Vincent and I’m so excited to be part of this trip. I’m going to be an incoming senior at Castro Valley High School. At school, I am part of the swim and water polo team. Yeah… I’m basically around the pool all year round. When I’m not at the pool I enjoy hanging out with my friends and... READ MORE

CAP Day 1

Hey everyone! It’s the Leaders of the Day, Emely and Emelyn (yeah we know it’s easy to confuse). Today was a light day, not much work to do really. Today was our third English tutoring class and was definitely much better than the first time because now we are in our flow and are feeling the teaching vibe. We get lots of tips and techniques from... READ MORE


Heyo I’m Cole 🙂 I guess you could call me a senior now(????) at Drake High School in wonderful Marin. Hmmmmmmm some things about me I guess would be that I love to travel and explore (I mean that is me on top of that rock thing), I am a total foodie and boba fiend, and I love to sail. I am also usually super prepared which is why I have a... READ MORE

The Actual Adventure Fun Day!

Hola amigos! Today we were lucky enough to wake up to sunshine once again, without the tropical storm haunting away our Adventure FUN DAY! We woke up at 6:50 am and made our way out of the hotel by 7:30 am to the Larimar gift shop to THE PLAYA! On our 3 hour drive to the Larimar gift shop, we were mostly all still tired, so some slept on the bus... READ MORE

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