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Exploring Conservation in Costa Rica

Hello readers! Today’s focus was “exploring conservation”, which was centered around Costa Rica’s conservation efforts as one of the leading countries in the world in environmental justice. We started our day off by heading to a small school in Santa Cruz, Turrialba. There we met with a few students from the school in fifth and ... READ MORE

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Free Day !!

Hey Hey GG Familias!! Today was free day which was a nice break from all the field trips. We had a later wake up call at 8:30 and some of us participated in an optional morning stretch at 8:00 led by us. It was a refreshing way to wake up and provided extra bonding time. We then started the day together with another delicious breakfast followed... READ MORE

Return Flight Information JA1D

Hello family and friends of the JA1D Global Glimpse delegation, We know you’re excited to see your Glimpsers, so we thought we would share the new return flight information so you know when and where to pick them up from the airport: Students are expected to arrive at Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) at 6:45 PM on Thursday, August 11. United Airlines... READ MORE

Day 3: Culture and Indigenous Worldview Tour

Buenas noches to our loved ones back at home. Another day has ended on our journey through Ecuador. Today both of us were the first guinea pigs… I mean leaders of the day for the groups. This consists of taking care of the agenda, checking on attendance, announcing the next events, and much more. Fun fact, for dinner we had guinea pigs as... READ MORE

Sole-Bonding and Soul Bonding

This morning, after an early and exciting breakfast at La Primavera and an invigorating mental warm-up, we traveled to a shoe factory in the neighboring city of Guano. In order to learn about global business and its effects on local communities, Dora, a manager at the Zapateria Arevalo, gave us a private tour of the factory. In addition to her... READ MORE