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Top Student Travel Stories of the Summer!

Greetings from Global Glimpse alumni, Aileen and Yumei! We’ve returned to GG this summer to intern in the Bay Area office. We have the amazing opportunity to follow along with student reflections on the blog as they share their travel experiences. We’ve enjoyed reading how Glimpsers are learning to expand their knowledge, develop their leadership skills, become global citizens, ... READ MORE

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Día Libre 2

YOOOOOOOOO WASSPOPIN?!!! Today we woke up at 8:30 a.m. to head to the cafe for breakfast. After that, we went back to the hotel to sign out in groups of four for our free time in town. Some of the groups went to the mall, others went to do their nails however, I decided to catch up on some sleep because ya boy was tired. Then we all got together... READ MORE

Living Like A Local!

Hey! It’s Leslie and Ashley 🙂 Today we were able to experience life in the shoes of a local. Last night we started our challenge to live like a local so we turned off all electricity and collected water in a bucket for our showers and toilets. It was a bit hectic with no electricity, but we managed to make it through the next morning. Our... READ MORE

Working Like a Local

GREETINGS! This is Bruce and Paul, and we were the Leaders of the day today for working like a local day. We started the day, before the roosters awoke, bright and early at 6:07. Then, we journeyed to La Estancia to enjoy the beautiful meal prepared by the amazing Ana and her staff. We arrived at La Tarabita and were greeted with smiles by... READ MORE

Working Like a Local

After hearing our alarm clocks and having a wake-up call at 7am, we had our usual Breakfast at Nativa (bowl of fruit, eggs, and toast). We then boarded the bus to San Pablo Alto to begin our day working as a local. We learned how to put a saddle on a horse. We had so much fun watching the guinea pigs (cuy) especially the baby ones, who were only... READ MORE