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Top Student Travel Stories of the Summer!

We are excited to share the top blogs of the summer, selected by our interns (and former Glimpsers). From hiking the highest peak in the Ecuadorian Andes and dancing bachata in the hot Dominican sun, to gaining new appreciation for the value of community and complexity of immigration - our Glimpsers truly experienced the transformative power of travel! ... READ MORE

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Aid & Development

Today was my first day being leader of the day. Honestly, it was one of the best days of my life. Todays theme was aid and development, something that plays a huge role in my life as a youth advocate. The first event that took place was having the chance to listen to Carlos Corcino, the CEO and founder of Constanza’s first community group... READ MORE

Day 10 – Taita Chimborazo

We’ve been waking up super early for English tutoring, and today we got to sleep in. While we miss our kids, it was a nice change. That 30 minutes really meant a lot. We got extra sleep because today we were going to visit an important place in the Ecuadorian Cosmo Vision, Chimborazo. Chimborazo is called Taita Chimborazo, which means the father... READ MORE

Day 6: 1st Free Day!

Today was our first free day! We used this opportunity to fully explore the city and relax. We started our day by waking up at 8:00am, eating a delicious breakfast of hard-boiled eggs, toast, cereal, and various fruits at 9:00am. After breakfast, we split into two groups to tour the city of Riobamba! Both groups went to the internet café to call... READ MORE

Working Like a Local

Hola! It is Lexy and Imani. Today we were the Leaders of the day. Our fun filled day began at 6am. We had a breakfast that consisted of scrambled eggs, bread and hot chocolate. We then bused  to Bejuco Aplastado, a rural community about 20 minutes outside of Bonao, where we planted Cacao Trees (chocolate) with the help of the Brigada Verde. We... READ MORE