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Top Student Travel Stories of the Summer!

Greetings from Global Glimpse alumni, Aileen and Yumei! We’ve returned to GG this summer to intern in the Bay Area office. We have the amazing opportunity to follow along with student reflections on the blog as they share their travel experiences. We’ve enjoyed reading how Glimpsers are learning to expand their knowledge, develop their leadership skills, become global citizens, ... READ MORE

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Free Day #2

After a long wait and many requests, this is Genesis Familia! Today was our second to last full day here in the wonderful city of Constanza. Therefore, what better way to spend the day than going to the pool and enjoying the city. The day started with an early morning wake up and breakfast at 7 but the rest of the morning was spent at the Family... READ MORE

Hora de decir Adios!

Our day started a little rocky because one of my duties as the leader of the day was to do the wake-up call and I overslept. Ms. Ortizzy (leadership coach) had to wake everyone up for me. We were packing to leave Hotel Hawaii, it was our second home while in Chitre, Panama. Amira surprised us with a wonderful movie of our most memorable moments... READ MORE

No Cap, We Finished our CAP

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, we finished our Community Action Project (CAP)!! We wouldn’t have been able to complete our project without the help of the community’s kids. They helped us dig the trails of Cerro Marchina (Marchina Hill), paint a mural on their school, fill our waters, and test out the completed trail. Each group... READ MORE

Adventure FUN Day

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky The day that everyone was most excited about was this day–the ADVENTURE FUN DAY. I thought that today was going to be a struggle for me since I just didn’t want to be the leader of the day. However, I quickly figured out that everyone would have the chance to be the leader of... READ MORE