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[email protected] a San Juan de la Maguana

Global Glimpse Program Coordinators Kimberly and Andrea send a warm welcome to the Dominican Republic as students get ready for summer travel. Favorite part of the upcoming trip? Living Like a Local Day and the Community Action project, in collaboration with local organizations in Guanito! ... READ MORE

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Values Learned

Today June 20, 2018 was a different day for the Glimpsers to be able to explore Guaranda. Our day started off with a sunny morning and a good breakfast. Glimpsers split into two groups of eleven and each group had one GG leader with them. During our free time we went to many business and talked to workers about the profit they make. We learned... READ MORE


My name is Grace Rodriguez and I am a rising senior at Drake High School in San Anselmo. I love working with kids so I work at a local preschool and I am doing a couple camps this summer. I also love to paint when I can. I have a lot of family in Mexico so I have been to Guadalajara a couple of times. I am so excited to go to the DR and immerse... READ MORE

An Eye Opener

Today we woke up at 6:15, ate breakfast, then had an energizer. The energizer consisted of everyone sitting down in a circle and someone starting a beat that we would have to copy. There would be a person would walk around the circle so that they could guess who started/changed the beat. We took a bus to Maguana Tropical, which is a tomato farm.... READ MORE

CAP Day 2

Hello everyone, After breakfast we headed to Carlos Garbay to continue our second day of our Community Action Project (CAP). We split into groups to work on the three different projects we committed to. Our biggest group worked on building the cubbies and shelves sanding wood, hammering nails, and assisting with constructing the furniture. We... READ MORE

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