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Exploring Conservation in Costa Rica

Hello readers! Today’s focus was “exploring conservation”, which was centered around Costa Rica’s conservation efforts as one of the leading countries in the world in environmental justice. We started our day off by heading to a small school in Santa Cruz, Turrialba. There we met with a few students from the school in fifth and ... READ MORE

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Day 8 – Our first day working on our CAP!

Today we woke up at 7:00 am and had a delicious breakfast cooked by Diego. After breakfast, we headed off to the school of Aquiares where we started our Community Action Project (CAP). For our CAP we are building a small kitchen, a changing room, and a bathroom for fundraising activities at the school. When we got to the school, we were... READ MORE

Day 11: Cap Day 3

We’ve officially come to the end of this trip. Today was our last full day in Ecuador. We started our day with a fairly early morning at 7:20 am. Glimpsers were awake bright and early, ready for our final day. We headed to Roma Santa for breakfast. Isabel greeted us with a delicious meal of yuca bread, fresh fruit, and scrambled eggs with... READ MORE

Day 10: CAP Day #2

Buenas Dias everyone this is Bryan and Jeremy. Today was a very productive day at Martiniano Guerrero where CAP day #2 took place. Today was a very special day and let us tell you about it. It all started at 7:30 with a wake-up call following breakfast at Roma Santa. Our favorite part of the breakfast was definitely the traditional pan con queso... READ MORE

Day 7: Exploring Conservation

Today we woke up bright and early in order to travel to the San Antonio school so that we could complete a presentation and activity about environmental conservation in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, after an excellent breakfast cooked by Chef Diego, the school had to cancel our appointment. The group eventually voted to travel to the national... READ MORE