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Gaining New Perspective in Guaranda, Ecuador

Gaining New Perspective in Guaranda, Ecuador

Glimpsers gain a first look at the city of Guaranda, learn about the history of Ecuador, visit a local market, and create handmade masks to celebrate carnaval. The group visited Maria and her family at La Guilena, a farm nestled in the mountains ... READ MORE

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We are counting down the days!

Hey guys, Nathan and Arleen here!  First off, we want to say that we are very, very excited for you all to arrive. As Program Coordinators, we’ve been networking hard in our local community, connecting with anyone and everyone who might be willing to share their lives with you, so you have the summer trip of a lifetime! We also know you have been... READ MORE


Hi guys, My name is Itzel Salinas Hernandez and I am a rising senior at Berkeley High School! I look forward to traveling with all of you, meeting new people and enjoying the work we’ll be doing. A little more about me: I am Mexican born and raised. I am very proud of my roots and I always love learning new things. Stepping out of my... READ MORE

Día Libre (por fin!)

Hi there, it’s Maria and Allie. Yesterday we were the leaders of our first free day! In the morning we had free time between breakfast and lunch, where some of us ran errands and some simply hung out. From playing video games at the local internet cafe to visiting the supermercado and lavandería, the morning gave us all time to explore Las... READ MORE


HELLO GU1C!! This is Margarita and Marco from Team Guaranda One and we are so excited to meet you!!  We are getting the hotel ready for you and getting everything ready so that you all feel at home during your stay here! We include here some helpful information about the trip and what you need to pack. First, we would like to tell you a bit about... READ MORE