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Leadership and Learning: Community Action Project Day 1!

Leadership and Learning: Community Action Project Day 1!

Helloooo!!!!!!!  Aidan and Elizabeth here! The wake-up call today was at 7 am, but we got up at 6:45 am. Actually, Elizabeth got up at 6:00 am. Aidan’s alarm was set for 6:45 pm (Elizabeth had to wake up Aidan) LOL. After organizing the group for breakfast, we left for Martiniano Guerrero Freire School at ... READ MORE

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CAP Day 2 at the School!

Hey everyone! The LDDs today were Emily and Imogen, and today is our second day working on our CAP project! To start our day, we woke up at 6:30 and got ready before everyone else, in order to wake them up at 7. Breakfast was pancakes (Diego´s banana ones, which are so good) as well as eggs and fruit. For drinks, we had fruit punch and pineapple... READ MORE

Global Business/Work Like A Local Day 8

Heyy!! To everyone back in New York, I would like to mention that this trip has been an opportunity with many doors of experiences that have been opened and many more to come. On the 8th day, I was given the chance to be the Leader Of The Day, giving me responsibilities like waking everyone up, doing time checks, making sure everyone in the team... READ MORE

CAP Delivery 1

Hello! from Kevin and Neidy, today´s LDDs (Leaders of the Day). Today we properly started our Community Action Project- technically projects; we repainted the courts of the Carlos Garbay School for the disabled, as well as worked on a dark room for the school. Neidy and I were assigned to the former project, whilst a small group of six... READ MORE

CAP DAY 1!!!!!!

Pura Vida from Costa Rica!! The leaders of the day today were Emma H & Tenzin! In order to become leaders, our talent was ´´the wave´´ with a twist, A.K.A. a handshake that featured our best dance move. It was fantastic! Today was the very first day of our CAP (community action project) at the local school!! We started the day off at 6:30... READ MORE