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[email protected] a San Juan de la Maguana

Global Glimpse Program Coordinators Kimberly and Andrea send a warm welcome to the Dominican Republic as students get ready for summer travel. Favorite part of the upcoming trip? Living Like a Local Day and the Community Action project, in collaboration with local organizations in Guanito! ... READ MORE

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Free Day #2 and CAP Panel

Hello friends, from Constanza. Today, joining you are Criseyda and Ivette, the leaders of the day. Overall, the day was an interesting, but chill day. Many people decided to sleep in today since we have been waking up early almost every day. We started the morning off with a wakeup call at 8:45 a.m, with a buffet for breakfast. This buffet... READ MORE

Day 15: Despedida!

Today’s blog was written by our Líderes del Día: Allira and Charlotte Hello all, Welcome to the final blog for C1A! We’re super excited to be writing to you all about our Despedida Day. Beginning with a wake-up call at 8:30, the Glimpsers had a nice chance to sleep in. For breakfast, we had eggs, toast, and Dilenia’s delicious... READ MORE

Cap Day #1 and English Tutoring

The day has finally come where we are able to fulfill the goal that we set out to achieve upon joining Global Glimpse and meeting the Suarez community. All of our planning, preparation, and community engagement will come into fruition. We started the day off by taking the bus to Suarez expecting only to paint the backstop and merely plan out the... READ MORE

Welcome to Constanza – DR!

Hello Glimpsers, Global Glimpse Leaders, and Parents! Greetings from Constanza, Dominican Republic! We are Cynthia and Francis, your Program Coordinators for this summer! My name is Cynthia Parajón, and I’m from Matagalpa, Nicaragua. This is my second time as a Program Coordinator in Global Glimpse, and since the first time, I was totally... READ MORE

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